Learn languages with custom content

Create custom language learning content at Self-Polyglot

At Self-Polyglot you can create custom content to learn languages, this can speed your learning because it helps you to focus on what is really important to you. It can be a complex task to understand how to create and study using this personalized content, so we created this article in order to help you to get familiar with this awesome language learning platform.

Select languages that you want to learn

After you create your account and choose your plan you will be redirected to the language creation page. The steps to configure the languages that you will study are the following:

1. Selecting your native language
Select your native language
Let us know what is your native language. You will create your language content using this language.
2. Select all languages that you want to learn
Select all languages that you want to learn
By doing this you will be able to generate content to this languages
3. Confirm
Language Confirmation
Confirm your configurations and then click on Complete.

The language center

You will now be redirected to your language center, where you can see all activities you can do in your new language.

We have 3 main sections:

  • Learning Materials - Where you can create your own materials that will be used to learn a new language.
  • Training - Where you will train using these learning materials and also see your results.
  • Organizing Content - Where you can organize your content to help you to filter them and add extra content.
Language Center
The language center
This is the language center. Here you can access all features to learn.

Learning materials

Currently, we have 2 possible types of materials that can be used to learn a foreign language:

  • Flashcards - Are the smallest content that helps you to create a new language. If you want to review short content like phrases or words you can use it to help you.
Flashcard Creation
Flashcard creation page
This is the flashcard creation page.
Flashcard List
Flashcard List
This is how it look like after creating
  • Dialogs - Dialogs can simulate real-life conversations, they are the best option to learn contextualized content (your brain loves it). You can start speaking a new language in a meaningful manner from day one by creating this type of content.
Dialog Creation
Dialog creation page
This is the page used to create a new dialog.
Dialog List
Dialog list page
This is how it is after creating.


In this section, you can study using the custom content that you created in the previous section. You have many ways to study, from having to order phrases to try to pronounce.

Configuring Training Session
Choosing training modes
You can set what are you going to study from training types, content and your goals.
Training Example
Ordering training
This is a ordering training. You can study a language using it and/or others types.

You can track your learning process in the "Progress" item. Checking your progress will help you to increase your confidence by showing how much you have learned.

Checking Progress
Training progress
You are able to check your progress. This will help you to keep on the right track.

Organizing Content

After sometime adding learning content you may feel lost on what you should study and how to find it, that is why this area exists. You can categorize your materials by the goal that you have while creating it. For example, if you are creating a flashcard to learn how to say "Hi" it would make sense to create a goal related to greeting or self-introductions and associate the flashcard to it.

Goal Creation
Goal creation page
You can set goals for your language materials. Having a motivation to study another language helps to learn more.
Goal List
Goal list page
This is how a goal appear after created. When training you can set it as a filter.
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