Self-Polyglot posts to help you to learn more

Acquiring Languages Through Listening
What is the pronounce of parfait? Instead of imagining it why not try listening to it? On Self-Polyglot you can listen to anything that you want to know.
Contextual Learning
Most of the courses focus on grammar, but when you want to learn a language it doesn't help very much. You can learn better by inserting what you want to learn in a context.
Learn more with Self-Polyglot
Are you a doctor? Learn body parts that you would never learn in a course. In Self-Polyglot you determine how, when and what you will learn.
Pomodoro as a language learning tool
How to keep focused while studying? The Pomodoro technique really simple and will help you to keep focus and improve your language learning.
Progress Tracking to help learning motivation
Were you better at the exercises of this week or the previous? How many words are you confident that you learned? Tracking your progress motivates you to learn.
Spaced Repetition System
Learning is based on repetition, however, if you are repeating too much you are losing your precious time to learn something that you already know.